About Spirit Joy

smarie Spirit Joy Children’s Music ministry was founded by Sister Marie Roccapriore, M.P.F. with the purpose of allowing youth to reach out the the sick and elderly through music. Children of all ages gather twice a month to praise God in song and fellowship in preparation for their ministry involvement. Members come from various parishes, diverse backgrounds, and many cities in Connecticut making their commitment to reach out to the sick and elderly. They perform in nursing homes, hospitals, parishes, and health-care facilities, as well as for televised Liturgies for the Archdiocese of Hartford and various events where they bring their gift of music for other to hear. With the wonderful cooperation and support of their parents, children travel near and far to bring the joy of the Holy Spirit to sick and aged people.

The name SPIRIT JOY was inspired during prayer and became a confirmation that God would use this children’s group as a special ministry to bring the JOY of the HOLY SPIRIT to all who see or hear them share their musical gifts. These words, taken from their theme song, SPIRIT JOY, sum up the goal of their ministry:

The Joy of the Holy Spirit is a special Gift of God to you and me;
And this gift of the Holy Spirit makes our hearts and voices sing so merrily;
Praise God, praise God, for this joy that we bear!
Praise God, praise God, for this joy that we share!

Spirit Joy, Spirit Joy, Gift of God today;
Spirit Joy, Spirit Joy, Gift we send your way.
Spirit Joy! Spirit Joy! Spirit Joy!